Bournemouth Expo March 2024
Coventry Expo March 2024
Farnborough Expo March 2024
Swindon Expo March 2024
Birmingham Expo April 2024
West Sussex Expo April 2024
Reading Expo April 2024
Bristol Expo May 2024
Southampton Expo May 2024
Solihull Expo June 2024
Portsmouth Expo September 2024
Brighton Expo October 2024

Exhibitor Name Badges

Please create an exhibitor pass for every person exhibiting with your company. You will also need to create separate passes for each event you're exhibiting at as well.

Create a New Pass

If you are exhibiting at multiple events, you will need to submit a badge request for each event

Please provide the real email address for this attendee so we can send them our event information, set-up times and current Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Name badge submitted

Thanks for creating a name badge. Remember that you can create as many badges for you and your team as you like for the events you're attending.

Name badges can also be created on the day, so don't stress if you miss someone out!

Name badges will be printed and will be available to pick up on the morning of the event from your stand.

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Name badge deadlines

Name badges must be submitted with 72 hours of each event, otherwise you'll be able to print them on the day.

Need to create multiple badges?

If you need to create more than 5 name badges, save time by downloading our Excel template and send it to us by email.

Download Excel Template

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