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Portsmouth Guildhall

Portsmouth Guildhall has a range of exquisite rooms that can accommodate any size and type of event, from small meetings and workshops to large conferences and exhibitions. Each room has its own unique features and charm. Organizing a memorable event is easy at Portsmouth Guildhall as we offer a number of top-notch services, including an expert event planning team that can assist you. We offer exceptional on-site catering services to suit any budget and preference. In-house technical specifications and support to ensure your event runs smoothly and professionally. We have state-of-the-art wireless technology, audio-visual equipment, and accessibility features, and a convenient location in the heart of Portsmouth, close to public transport links and parking facilities. Portsmouth Guildhall, managed by the Guildhall Trust, is not only a venue but also a cultural and community hub. It hosts many music, arts, and heritage events, such as concerts, exhibitions, festivals, and workshops. It also supports local artists and charities through its programmes and initiatives. By booking your event at the Portsmouth Guildhall, you will contribute to its mission to transform lives in the community through music, arts, and heritage. Portsmouth Guildhall is perfect for your next conference, meeting, or event. It combines history, charm, and modernity in a convenient and flexible venue that can meet your expectations and requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email to make an enquiry or a booking. Portsmouth Guildhall is looking forward to hosting your event!

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Portsmouth Guildhall

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February 2024
Village Hotel, Portsmouth
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