Exhibiting ROI Calculator

Calculate your return on investment from exhibiting at our expos

Exhibiting ROI Calculator

Evaluate your potential return on investment from exhibiting at one of our regional business shows. Simply enter your figures in the calculator below and we'll reveal how many opportunities you could create and your potential return on investment.

ROI Calculator

Return on Investment Calculator

The lifetime value of an average customer

What is your average conversion rate? (For example, if you had 10 enquiries and you converted 5 customers your conversion rate would be 50%)

Enter how many people you plan to man your stand

How many leads you'd like to generate from the expo

Choose one of the stand packages you're looking to book

Average Customer Spend
The average amount of money a customer spends with your company over a lifetime. For example, if a customer spends £300 a year and is a customer for 3 years, you'd input £900.

Conversion Rate
The conversion rate represents the percentage of leads that convert into paying customers.

Number of People Manning the Stand:
This refers to the number of staff members who will be present at the expo. It helps determine the capacity to engage with attendees and generate leads.

Number of Leads Generated:
This input captures the number of qualified leads or contacts obtained at the expo or the number of leads you'd like to generate from exhibiting at the business expo.

Stand Package Cost:
The stand package cost is the price of the stand package including exhibition space and related services. It helps calculate your initial investment into exhibiting at the business show.

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