Steve Jones

A Motivated Workforce is a Productive Workforce!

September 2022
10:20am - 10:40am
Seminar Room

Seminar Overview

As companies pivot and return to the workplace, which staff will love it and which staff will hate it? Do you know?

Add the challenges of the great resignation, war on talent, mental health, maintaining productivity, sustainability, and hybrid working then it can quickly be seen that:

Understanding how your people are motivated will go a long way to creating a smooth transition into the post COVID world.

How motivated are your people?

How motivated are you?

Motivation is a word often used but seldom understood and remains to this day one of the biggest challenges to business owners, both personally and with staff.

By the end of this talk you will discover:

  • Three areas business need to focus on for success
  • How to Describe, Measure, Monitor and Maximise motivation for yourself, your people, and your business.
  • The 4 types of people that sit in your business - how to  identify them and what to do!
  • The 9 reasons people get out of bed to go to work – it’s not  just money!
  • How to implement ‘inexpensive’ reward strategies!

  • How to align personal motivation with business motivation.

Speaker Bio

Steve Jones is a well - internationally known business coach, author, public speaker, trainer and consultant. Steve has worked at management level for two of the fastest growth businesses in the UK and     brings this wealth of experience and knowledge with him in all he does.

Steve is an expert at creating ideas and strategies that build businesses, drive revenue and improve business position & performance. He has a passion for making companies and their products the best in their product category.  

Steve’s unique understanding of leadership and management, team building and motivation in business, coupled with his understanding, drive and enthusiasm, clearly set him aside as an expert.  

Steve has recently returned from Abu Dhabi where he has been working with Etihad Airlines to introduce motivational strategies for their staff and train their in- house trainers in his techniques.

Steve is the author of two books.  

‘Turning on Your P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Tap ’ showing business owners how to create revenue and profit in their business.
‘Mapping Motivation for Engagement’ co-written with James Sale, the founder of Motivational Maps Ltd - showing companies how to harness the full potential and capabilities of their people.

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Steve Jones

for speed networking

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September 2022


Village Hotel, Portsmouth


10:20am - 10:40am

in the seminar room. The expo is completely free to attend and you can simply turn up for this session.

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Steve Jones

Steve Jones

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