Myles Woolford

The business honey badger: tenacity wins

March 2024
10:20am - 10:40am
£20 per person or £15 for Connect Business Club members/exhibitors (code required)
Seminar Room

Event Overview

Like the tenacious honey badger, punching above your weight in thebusiness arena is more important than ever. In this seminar, we will:

- unravel the enduring spirit needed to carve out bigger markets, regardless ofyour resource pool.
- discuss rapid success hacks and innovating - the strategies thatmake-or-break market leaders.
- explore how to grow utilising either capital markets, or growing organically,to ultimately gain market share.

This is for the go-getters of the business world who are eager tocapitalize on every opportunity – it will leave you ready to transform yourbusiness's fight for success into an art form, with the fierce boldness of ahoney badger.

Speaker Bio

Myles is a quintessential value creator, deeply entrenched in the entrepreneurial landscape. With a penchant for continuous innovation, Myles has successfully spearheaded numerous buy-and-build ventures and scale-ups, with a particular emphasis on nurturing tech-enabled ecosystems.

His notable achievements include co-founding a global business in 2011 that not only hit multi-million-dollar revenues but also garnered awards, solidifying the venture's standing in the business world. Today, after exciting his past business, Myles continues to drive his entrepreneurial vision through his venture builder, Tapio Foundry, that focuses on software development and micro-finance for underserved markets, improving societal outcomes worldwide.

His current venture is dedicated to crafting robust ecosystems and seizing untapped opportunities in the market, thereby cementing Myles's reputation as a visionary and an architect of growth.

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Myles Woolford

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March 2024



10:20am - 10:40am

in the seminar room. The expo is completely free to attend and you can simply turn up for this session.

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Myles Woolford

Myles Woolford

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