Matt Garman

Running a Business and Rowing the Atlantic are Both Endurance Events

October 2023
£20 per person or £15 for Connect Business Club members/exhibitors (code required)
Seminar Room

Event Overview

Matt will speak about leadership, vision, people and process the key elements to achieve great sales and consistent growth. With a focus on preparation, cool headed appraisal and continuous analysis, he illustrates his seminar with thrilling parallels in his row across the Atlantic Ocean. The combination of seriously effective business strategies, alongside an extremely challenging event that pushed physical and mental resilience to the limit, is intoxicating and especially relevant in today’s tough business environment.

Matt talks about the role of teamwork and collaboration for success, but without clear vision, good leadership and effective communication it can be difficult to achieve.

The Atlantic row demonstrates this without doubt. His team prepared for the challenge. It was physically tough and mentally tough, the ultimate team endurance event. Achieving business growth in a competitive environment is also a team effort requiring training, good communication, resilience and excellent leadership.

Speaker Bio

Matt is The Corporate Adventurer. An entertaining speaker combining adventuring with business acumen.  Aligning good preparation, training, communication and consistency, with business growth and adventures like rowing the Atlantic, he shows how to make the most daunting challenges seem easy.  

His engaging style delivers lessons learned through over 30 years of being at the top of his game, and solid gold nuggets of wisdom, all coloured with the excitement and thrills of seriously, life changing adventures.

Matt’s journey from the lowliest crew member on a fishing boat in the cold English Channel to skippering a successful row across the Atlantic Ocean, being a renowned business mentor, coach, author, CEO and leader of two successful businesses, is only part of his story.  His comprehensive knowledge is always informed by personal challenges and he shares these, setting them in a context, which is illuminating, inspiring and motivating for business and beyond.

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Matt Garman

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Matt Garman

Matt Garman

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