Louisa Dunbar

All websites are wrong!

November 2023
£20 per person or £15 for Connect Business Club members/exhibitors (code required)
Seminar Room

Event Overview

With every website seemingly doing the same thing with the same old messages, Louisa is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it shouldn’t.

She’ll explore exactly where websites are going wrong, and how society’s arrived at this point, but also how to embrace a different way of doing things designed to set your business apart.

In such a competitive world, standing out is vital. You can’t do that by tweaking web pages or designs here and there. Changes need to be bigger than that - strategic, starting at a human-level, backed by neuroscience.

Expect a mindset shift like you’ve never experienced, and tools to take back to your teams so you can approach not only your website, but sales and marketing, in a completely new and revolutionary light.

If embraced, expect to increase website engagement, conversions and brand advocacy through an improved customer experience.

Speaker Bio

Louisa Dunbar has totted up around 20 years working with websites.

Her business OrangeGrove has gone from a website agency designing and building over 100 websites in that time, evolving to focus purely on gaining user insight to optimise websites.

Through this experience she knows what makes a website successful, what makes it convert more effectively, bring in more sales and bring in more leads or sign ups.

The approach her agency takes is one that looks at the website experience from the user’s perspective. Which isn’t necessarily unusual, but combined with neuroscience, behavioural science and applied psychology, becomes a force to be reckoned with!

Louisa is driving a strong mission - to make the web a more human-centred, user friendly and accessible place. We spend so much of our lives on the internet, we should be striving to make it the best it can be, whilst also helping businesses grow.

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Louisa Dunbar

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November 2023




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Louisa Dunbar

Louisa Dunbar

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