Gayle Tong

Confidence Hacks for you & your business

February 2024
10:20am - 10:40am
£20 per person or £15 for Connect Business Club members/exhibitors (code required)
Seminar Room

Event Overview

Confidence in a nutshell is a combinationof our actions and behaviours that we outwardly display to others.  It underpins EVERYTHING we do.  

We all have it, but sometimes in business we can feel it’s in short supply. In business it can feel like we’re riding the confidence rollercoaster where one minute we’re at the top, the next we’re plummeting rapidly down the slope.  

The good news, backed up by research is that confidence can be manipulated and influenced through a combination and awareness of upbringing, experiences and environment.  

In this seminar, I’ll share 5 Confidence Hacks that you can put into action straightaway, enriching your own confidence, which in turn will enrich your business too.

Speaker Bio

I’m a retailer at heart with over 20 years’ experience working in a retail environment.  I’ve realised it’s this retail experience that has made me the coach I am today.  

I’ve been a qualified coach for more than 5 years and a background in learning &development, which means I love understanding what makes people tick.

My style of coaching is informal, its conversational and it’s all about you.  I’m not all about models and theory, although I do believe they have their time & place.

I’m actions focused, I’m direct and there is no fluffy stuff involved.  I’m a big believer in pulling up your big pants and getting it done!

I love to make a difference to those beliefs you have about what you think you can & cannot do.

When & Where


Gayle Tong

for speed networking

at the

West Sussex

Business Expo taking place on



February 2024


Fontwell Park Racecourse


10:20am - 10:40am

in the seminar room. The expo is completely free to attend and you can simply turn up for this session.

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Gayle Tong

Gayle Tong

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