Alla Levadnaya

The role of psychological flexibility in improving performance

June 2024
10:20am - 10:40am
£20 per person or £15 for Connect Business Club members/exhibitors (code required)
Seminar Room

Event Overview

Workshop “Role of psychological flexibility in building a sense of belonging”

We live in uncertainty – external pressures are continuing to emerge, we lack information in many critical areas, but we need to apply new choices and new paths to follow.

Uncertainty affects us in two ways:

-             Decision confidence;

-             Stress levels;

Psychological flexibility means responding in a variety of ways to external pressures or internal emotions as a response to hard situations.

Performance in the modern workplace takes different forms and the skills required to improve performance vary depending on the tasks. Time to perform is critical.

There are 6 things you will take away from this workshop by applying psychological flexibility:

1. How to become more resourceful and succeed in ambiguous conditions;

2. How to improve decision confidence;

3. How to overcome experiential avoidance and focus on goals;

4. How to improve time to perform during change and difficult transitions;

5. How to develop adaptability and be more proactive in each situation;

6. How to develop better relationship;

Speaker Bio

Alla Levadnaya is an ICF ACC Certified Executive Coach and Managing Director of Growth Associates UK, a small consultancy that delivers growth to organizations and individuals through coaching, training, and mentoring. With a background in O&G, engineering, and pharmaceutical companies, Alla brings a unique mix of commercial and coaching skills to her work. Since 2007, she has been delivering Intercultural Leadership coaching programs designed for CEOs and senior executives of major international companies.

Alla founded GA Intensives to provide coaching, training, and workshop facilitation for individuals seeking to transform their careers and improve their performance. She is recognized as a LinkedIn Top Voice in leadership and career development coaching reflecting her active presence and dedication to democratizing coaching.

As a mentor for organizations such as POWERful Women and Real Estate Balance, Alla provides coaching and support to women in the energy, commercial real estate sectors, British Army service leavers and other sectors. Her expertise for supporting women make her a valuable asset in driving positive change and promoting diversity and inclusion.

She is a frequent speaker at energy sector and other conferences conferences, where she shares insights on the pivotal role of coaching in navigating the complexities of energy transition.

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Alla Levadnaya

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10:20am - 10:40am

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Alla Levadnaya

Alla Levadnaya

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