Alex Bray

The success formula: Overcome your fears to take the next big step and grow your business

July 2024
11:50am - 12:10pm
£20 per person or £15 for Connect Business Club members/exhibitors (code required)
Seminar Room

Event Overview

Fear paralyses businesses… Slowly and stealthily!

From his experience as a Royal Marines Commando, Alex shares how he overcame his fears in the world of business. Entrepreneurs are often held back from growing because of change. Fear lurks as a formidable barrier to progress. Alex unveils a transformative approach to conquer fear, centred on a triangular method. By leveraging this framework, entrepreneurs can navigate the daunting landscape of uncertainty and emerge victorious.

Each facet of the triangle serves as a pillar of enablement, offering unique insights and tools for overcoming fear. Attendees will discover how to confront challenges with courage and cultivate the resilience necessary for sustained success.

Join Alex as he shows how to unlock the secrets of fearlessness in business. By embracing the power of this triangular strategy, attendees will leave feeling empowered to confront fear head-on, welcome change and thrive amidst adversity.

Speaker Bio

Fear Fighter – Author, former Royal Marines Commando, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner, personal development and leadership coach, vlogger, and course creator on the subject of resilience, leadership, and success mindset.

Alex has fought his way through some of the toughest challenges that life could throw at him. Coming from the humblest of beginnings and being told by society that he would never be good enough for anything, he has experienced childhood violence, poverty, homelessness, and every level of stress, including PTSD, and has come through smiling, winning, and still in one piece!

He is now leading the charge to help business owners fight fear, build resilience, and to blaze their own path to success!

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Alex Bray

for speed networking

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July 2024


Holiday Inn, Winchester


11:50am - 12:10pm

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Alex Bray

Alex Bray

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