Portsmouth Water: A Legacy of Quality, Service, and Community

August 15, 2023

We're thrilled to announce Portsmouth Water will be exhibiting at the event on 14th September 2023, taking place at The Village Hotel. This is an exciting opportunity for them to connect with the community and showcase their commitment to unparalleled service and premium water solutions.

Since 1857, Portsmouth Water has been a lifeline for the Portsmouth area and its surroundings. Their enduring mission is simple yet profound: to provide drinking water of the highest quality, while placing customer satisfaction and value at the core of everything they do.

Portsmouth Water reach extends across an impressive landscape, encompassing 868 square kilometers that span South East Hampshire and West Sussex. A legacy of trust has been nurtured over time as they deliver high-quality public water supplies to 326,000 homes and businesses. From vital industries to commercial enterprises, they cater to the diverse needs of our community, ensuring every drop they provide meets their stringent quality standards.

Every day, a remarkable 170 million liters, equivalent to 37 million gallons, of water flow through their network—a network carefully woven over 3,300 kilometers of underground water mains. This intricate system, along with their dedicated distribution staff, ensures that water reaches every corner of our service area reliably and safely.

Beyond the numbers, our commitment to quality is a hallmark of Portsmouth Water.

They draw from natural springs, wells, boreholes, and surface water sources to bring forth safe, pristine water. This commitment is unwavering, and every step of the process, from sourcing to distribution, is overseen by our dedicated team.

While they stand as wholesalers, their legacy also encompasses a dedication to community. The Business Markets team actively collaborates with water retailers in the local area, ensuring the seamless operation of the non-household water market.

We're excited to welcome Portsmouth Water to the Portsmouth Business Expo, where you can meet the faces behind the organisation. If you're a business owner, this event is an open invitation to learn about the Portsmouth Water services and their enduring connection to the community they serve.

Don't miss the chance to engage with Portsmouth Water at the expo on stand

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