FM Outsource: the North-West based outsourcer specialising in exceptional customer care

October 16, 2023

FM Outsource is a North-West-based outsourcer specialising in delivering exceptional customer care.

In 2012, we started out with a small, shared office space in Greater Manchester, answering social
media queries for our first ever client. Since then, we’ve become 24/7, multilingual, and
omnichannel, and even launched our sister company, Gnatta, to create our own cutting edge
customer service technology. Now we work with numerous household name brands (EG: Superdrug,
Hotel Chocolat, Pret a Manger, The Perfume Shop, Whistles, Electricity Northwest) to manage their
contact centres and communication strategies, providing excellent customer care to every customer.

But what is outsourced customer service? Effectively if someone needs to contact your business, we
can answer for you. We provide customer care teams that works alongside (or instead of) your in-
house one. We provide fully trained advisors and contact centre managers to cover your busy times
or answer customers when you can’t. We’re 24/7, omnichannel, and exceptionally flexible. From the
smallest companies to the largest, our teams are on hand to help.

As of August 2023, the company employs approx. 300 staff. FM has grown rapidly over the past 10
years, now expanding into new sectors, and growing our client-based by 46% in 2022.

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