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XRDigitech UK LTD

XRDigitech is not only about experiences, but also about shaping futures. The intersection of AI and immersive tech is where we intersect, opening doors to a world of possibilities powered by data. Shaping realities through Innovation. Immersive Experiences powered by artificial intelligence: Senseless avatars that guide you through virtual worlds, adjust difficulty levels in real-time, and respond to your choices with unforeseeable insight. Track user behaviour in VR/AR, analyse reactions in mixed reality and create the most engaging experience. We create realistic models of systems in real life, train staff in interactive virtual environments, and optimise operations with data-driven predictions. We use artificial intelligence to tailor its capabilities, using natural language processing to create interactive avatars and machine learning to enhance VR experiences. Utilise Avatar Technology to fashion your own digital avatars, communicate in virtual environments, and interact with others through highly realistic human-like objects. Reproduce physical systems with lifelike accuracy, educate your staff in VR models, and receive real-time insights for operational excellence through digital twin.

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