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I specialise in helping business leaders and their teams deliver better, more confident and more successful presentations, winning sales pitches and day to day client sales led interactions. I do this via bespoke training programmes both in-person and virtually as well as via one to one coaching on Zoom. Presentations and Sales Pitches are golden opportunities. My role is to ensure you don't waste those golden opportunities. Work with me and I'll challenge you to transform your presentations and pitches so they focus on your audience not you, they run on time and they don't inflict Death by PowerPoint! I spent 29 years in the semi-corporate sector with 26 of those at sales manager / commercial director and managing director level responsible for 300 people and a £16mn turnover. I set up my consultancy business in 2012. I host the ‘Better Presentations More Sales’ podcast which started in Feb 2018 and comes out every Monday featuring an array of global guests. It currently has over 300 episodes available on all the popular podcast apps and platforms. ‘7 Steps to Successful Presentations’ is my second business book. All royalties go to the Children’s Hospice South West for whom I raised over £7000 in 2021 when I completed the 44 mile Classic Quarter Ultra Marathon. I'm currently in training for the Arc of Attrition 50 mile run in January 2025. The 2021 run resulted in the ’12 Business Lessons from Running an Ultra Marathon’ book and the Running 44@60 podcast.

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