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Springboard IT offers the benefits of both youth and experience. This enables us to develop using the latest technologies backed by the experience of 35 years of continuous successful solution delivery. We are passionate about the results that our solutions deliver rather than the technologies that we use. We are constantly excited by saving customers time and money. We are fascinated by business processes and bring a consultative approach to identifying requirements. Our favourite sayings are: • If it ain’t broke don’t fix it • Why re-invent the wheel? Our favourite clients have good manual procedures in place with an open mind as to how to deliver the same outcomes more efficiently. We like to deliver solutions in small incremental steps – each step delivering measurable benefits. We have also taken on the support of a number of bespoke access applications not developed by us. This is typically where the original developer has moved on to other things. We continue to support and develop the application but can also offer migration strategies to newer technology.

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