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Speedy HR is your all-in-one HR and Payroll partner. At the heart of our company is a commitment to empower businesses just like yours. To ensure that HR processes are not just tasks, but strategic tools that drive growth, efficiency, and innovation. Our solution offers your business: • Access to a one-stop HR library, complete with relevant tools, forms, policies, and guidance for business growth. • Around the clock CIPD-qualified HR advise from our trusted professionals. • Legal assistance up-to-court. • 70+ years of payroll assistance, complemented by our software interfacing. • Updated HR and Health and Safety legislation relevant to your business. • Documents, schedules, and timesheets accessible in a paperless environment, stored and secured in the cloud. • The ability to manage your company quickly and effectively in onsite, hybrid, and remote working environments. • Records of employee time and attendance simplified and organised in one easy-to-access location. • Easy to understand performance analytics. We are a tool to augment workforce management, nurturing a positive work environment where teams are connected, in sync, and striving for a collective goal to optimise business operations. Speedy HR is more than just an HR software; it is a comprehensive solution designed to optimise and elevate every facet of human resource management. From real-time analytics to role-specific privileges, Speedy HR ensures that every touchpoint is tailored to your business’ unique needs. We are excited to partner with you, to transform your HR landscape, and to pave the way for a brighter, more efficient future. Here’s to new beginnings with Speedy HR!

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