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Even If It Was Free

If all the technology you thought you needed was suddenly FREE. What would you do? I help people figure out how to answer this question on a lifetime mission to revolutionize problem-solving and innovation using the awe-inspiring human-centered approach known as Design Thinking. I help business leaders and teams innovate through rediscovering their curious side to problem solving and ideas creation. Not in a stuffy workshop way but in a fast-paced disruptive manner. For example, a 60 Minutes To Make A Difference is all about reframing problems to look at better ways to find solutions. My point of view is that as we converge on the day job we strip away the very human centred characteristic we need more than ever before – CURIOSITY. Book and attend a 121 with me and receive a FREE copy of my book - Even It It Was Free. A narrative that locks on the seductive power of technology versus the human conversations we have daily about problems, ideas and stories. Not a technology book - a human one. Check it out here https://amzn.eu/d/5UMCaFL

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