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We are an award-winning recruitment solutions business that promotes direct hiring, saving you time and reducing the costs associated with traditional agency hires. Recruitment on Demand is built up of a suite of 3 main services. Our subscription service, a simple monthly agreement for a number of retained job “slots” per month, at least 40% cheaper than your existing agency charges. With the benefit of being able to offer to unlimited candidates and retain all talent presented. Perfect for organisations with lower-level recruitment needs. Our agile RPO, which can be customised based on your existing TA function and volume of hires. No need to commit to lengthy contracts. Whether it be an embedded team of experienced recruiters dedicated to your business, transactional fees or a hybrid solution. Lastly, Rent a Recruiter, the name sums it up! A perfect solution if don’t have time to hire, induct and manage a contractor. Discover how our award-winning, on-demand recruitment solutions can reshape the way you meet your hiring needs.

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