Telesoft launches its 24/7 UK Based Managed Detection and Response Solution

June 15, 2022

London, UK - 10th June 2022: Telesoft Technologies, a leader in cybersolutions, has announced its latest state-of-the-art security offering - a24/7, UK based Managed Detection and Response service. Manned by a team ofhighly skilled cyber analysts - all based in a UK Security Operations Centre - thisinvaluable service continuously monitors an organisation’s network traffic - 24/7,365 days a year.  


Telesoft’s MDR safeguards enterprisenetworks and adds an extra layer of security protection to an organisation ofany size, across all sectors. By proactively searching through anorganisation’s network using the latest in machine learning and comprehensivethreat intelligence technology, the Telesoft SOC team can identify and analyseany malicious threats or abnormal activity.


It doesn’t end there; ifanything suspicious is spotted, it will be tracked and investigated todetermine if there is a threat. An identified incident will be contained by ourteam or escalated to the business’ internal team within a pre-defined SLA whichcould be as little as 15 minutes depending on the severity. This ensures anypotential threats are dealt with promptly keeping the businesses’ data safe andsecure.


Andrew Marsh, Head of IT& Security Services at Telesoft Technologies explained: “Any business, of any size, across allindustries that is connected to the internet is at an increased risk of acyberattack. However, a high number of organisations still rely on endpoint andgateway solutions, that are not adaptable enough to avoid sophisticatedthreats. What’s needed is a greater visibility at every layer of the networkand a security solution that combines human and technological intelligence,with proactive and continual monitoring.’


He added: “Our MDR Solution addresses this need; ithas been designed to ensure an enterprise network is fully safeguarded. Notonly does it benchmark what is ‘normal activity’, it is also continuouslywatching and analysing anything that is potentially abnormal - 24/7 by a trainedsecurity team based in our UK SOC. This may be something legitimate like a useroperating outside of their normal hours, or something more malicious, such as asmall yet continuous beacon from a compromised device to a command-and-controlserver. Often one of the biggest mistakes a business can make regardingcybersecurity is thinking that they won’t become a victim. This simply isn’tgood enough in this digital age.”


In an ever-changing anduncertain digital landscape identifying threats is becoming increasinglydifficult for many organisations to manage, with 39% of UK businesses havingidentified a cyber attack in the last 12 months (NCSC), and costs oftenexceeding £3 million it is essential that organisations have a solid strategyin place to protect their network. However, a wider network protection strategyrequires expenditure, and the case for incorporating a cyber solution must bemeasured against the potential cyber-threat costs an organisation can expect toencounter.


Setting up an in-house systemrequires capital and operational investment, with the price tag including notonly recruitment but the cost to establish a precise and reliable system. WithTelesoft’s MDR Solution, organisations can enhance their security position at afraction of the cost of most typical in-house solutions whilst significantlyreducing the deployment time.


Telesoft’s Managed Detectionand Response Solution is available immediately - for more information visit





About Telesoft

Telesoft Technologies is anindependent, privately owned global provider of cutting-edge cyber security,telecoms mobile products and services, and government infrastructure. Wework with integrators and service providers to develop, manufacture and supportsystems that generate revenue, keep critical infrastructure operational andimportant data safe on high-density multi 100Gbps and beyond 1Tbps networks.


We are headquartered in theUK, which includes engineering, research, and development with local officesfor sales and support in USA and India.


Today we develop andcustomise network monitoring and recording systems for cyber security incidentresponse, network performance management and national security at scale tocover entire countries and retention of data beyond 12-months. Our experiencein the ISP and Telco space has been utilised for the Enterprise market,providing a cost effective and trusted solution to the cyber securitychallenges of SMEs.