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What are the Benefits of Exhibiting and Networking?

April 2018
Julie Corlett

For any aspiring entrepreneur building a business exposure to the widest possible active marketplace is essential, and more mature businesses make marketing their No 1 priority.

Marketing is about taking effective action to present your businesses goods and services before your clients at the right time, professionally as possible, in person where practicable, and at the optimum price. By placing your wares in a ‘shop window’ you can ensure that they are noticed, Exhibitions, Networking, Social Media Marketing enable you to direct your presentation directly to your target audience.

Exhibitions are outstanding platforms for all goods and services, they enable the seller to meet, greet, and sell to people who by virtue of their presence are a captive audience. There is an old saying about anecdotes, ‘It’s not what you say but the way that you tell it.’ By coming face to face with your potential audience it is possible to make one’s pitch personally if you have a team of key personnel with you this can be achieved more than once simultaneously. Exhibitions not only allow exposure to products and services, they enable interaction with the customer base, people like to buy from people as opposed to internet transactions in which the participants may never meet. The power of the Exhibition is incredible, many major blue-chip companies book their Exhibition space years in advance, serious entrepreneurs are wise to take a leaf out of their book. Selecting the most appropriate exhibition is key and for very many SME’s and sole traders local is best. Local business Enterprises dedicated to bringing the most trusted local businesses and the consumers together offer a valuable service by providing a room full of like-minded people all potential customers with the chance to mingle, chat about what is on offer in a relaxed environment and is a highly effective investment in marketing. 

Networking is yet another profoundly good way to market one’s business. Any opportunity to meet with contemporaries in this way is worth the effort and brings people into contact with professionals offering services to growing businesses, and that is a two-way process, i.e. accountancy practices etc. employ the services of many tradesmen and other service providers. Networking is a key activity for those attending Exhibitions, chatting with those exhibiting, those who are showing an interest in your exhibition stand, talking with competitors and those seeking alliances, all provide invaluable feedback and business intelligence.

Marketing is key. Exhibitions and Networking are a major element of marketing.