Exhibiting at a national exhibition or even a local business show, like the events we organise across the UK, isn’t cheap.  Having a stand a tradeshow can get expensive, but the results and the interest in your business generated by your attendance can super-charge your sales and provide you with a significant return on investment.

If you’re a small business and would like the opportunity to benefit from exhibiting at your next local business expo, we’ve put together this handy little guide on how you can exhibit on a shoestring budget…

Firstly, think about the amount of space you really need. When people book stands at our expos, I make sure that businesses book the right amount of space for what they need.  It all depends on what you’ll be bringing with you, and if it’s your first time, I recommend going with a small stand to start with.  You’re better off booking a smaller space, and keeping your costs down, than maxing out your budget on the biggest space you can afford and before realising you have no money left to fill the space or make a big impact.  When it comes to exhibiting, size doesn’t matter.  Some of our most successful exhibitors get huge results and return year after year with just the smallest amount of space.

Next, think about your banners or stand design.  If you want to keep costs down, we recommend roller banners or pop-up banners as you can buy these relatively cheap from suppliers across the country. Roller banners especially work best as these don’t take up too much space, even with a small stand; they are very east to transport and you can use them time and time again.  But be warned, think about your message and the design of your roller banner.  Keep the design and the message simple, as this will attract more visitors to your stand.

Once you’ve booked your space and thought about your banners, it’s now time to think about your giveaways. Giveaways are a staple at all tradeshows, but you don’t have to invest in promotional materials that break the bank.  Most visitors attending exhibitions are there to meet new businesses, network and to pick up nuggets of information and ideas that they can take-away.

To accommodate for this, we recommend giving out A4 printed sheets with top tips or information that is relevant to your business.  For example, if you’re a marketing agency, you may decide to give out top tips on how to use social media or if you are a commercial cleaner, you may choose to provide visitors with a list of benefits to having a clean workplace.  Visitors will not only appreciate the content, but they will also view you as the expert in your field!

These are just a few ways on how you can exhibit on a shoestring budget, but do you have any ideas to contribute? If you do, we’d love to hear from you!